Funding Campaigns

Building Fund

Our Post would love to serve our community in a much larger capacity. For example, we would like to host community events such as dances, host youth programs, and so much more. In order to accomplish this, we are seeking donations to purchase or lease our own place.  We would also accept any donated property if available. Please help us reach this goal by donating below or contacting us directly.

We have set a goal to raise $400,000 in order to provide a number of activities for our community and youth.

Relief Fund

Veterans in need of assistance can come at any time and often very suddenly. Our post would love to assist Veterans during their time of need. This can include unexpected medical expenses, financial struggles, and more. We ask for your donations so that not Veteran goes unassisted during these hardships.

Our goal this year is to raise $10,000 to help those in need.

Education Fund

We support our local educational system and all those who ensure our youth are taken care of on a daily basis. We believe our youth are our future and greatly enjoy rewarding those faculty and students who standout amongst their peers. Our Post holds annual contests such as Teacher of the Year, Voice of Democracy, and Patriot’s Pen that provide financial rewards to faculty and students alike.

Our goal this year is to raise $3,000 to show our appreciation to our award recipients.

Years of Service

Helping Veterans

VFW Parker has been helping Veterans and our local community for a number of years.


Educational Awards Presented


Discover how much we give to our students and teachers!


Annual Distribution:
Teacher of the Year - $1000.00
Voice of Democracy - $500.00
Patriot's Pen - $500.00

Teacher of the Year
Patriot's Pen
Voice of Democracy


2020 Teacher of the  Year

I am still completely in awe by the honor of being Parker VFW Teacher of the Year! It was very touching of you to come to Frontier Valley and present the award in front of the students. They were impacted by what you said and still talk to me about it. It has been a sheer joy getting to know you and feel like “family.” You are a bright light in this world and have a big heart. Thank you for recognizing what I love about my job! Teaching kids music is not only a big love, but getting to teach kids about the world around them and to love their country through music and songs is such a gift. I saw the website with the pictures and shared them with my family. They adore you! Thanks again Evan. Hope to see you soon!

– Leah Lehrburger